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Pensacola Home Inspection Services

Investing in gulf coast resort property in the Pensacola Florida area can seem like an endless series of important decisions; it's important to have your potential new home inspected by an unbiased Pensacola home inspector, one with the experience and knowledge to provide you with the information you need to make a prudent investment decision on the purchase of the home. An inspection on a potential new residence should be completed honestly and objectively, apart from anyone's interests other than the client.

Well informed real estate investors insist on an unbiased home inspector to evaluate and report on the current condition of the property. Always select an experienced Pensacola Home Inspector with the knowledge to protect your interest, with no potential conflict.

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Pensacola, a Florida Gulf Coast Community

Pensacola is a coastal community on the Florida Panhandle, where the weather is warm and body surfing & beach-combing are common outdoor activities. Away from the beaches, there is an array activities for the entire family, including the National Aviation Museum, which features 150 vintage aircraft, flight simulators and an IMAX Theatre and Fort Pickens, a historic military fort built in 1829, and the Pensacola Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Gulf Coast and also the tallest, standing 151 feet tall on a 40 foot bluff. Of course, there’s an abundance of outdoor activities like deep-sea fishing and water-sports such as sailing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling to be enjoyed at near by Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key, both popular family vacation destinations. Find the perfect Pensacola home and start enjoying the best in coastal living.

Pensacola Florida Home Inspections : Condominiums & Houses


Buying a Condo in Destin, Fort Walton 30A Florida

Beach Real Estate Investment : Factors to Consider

  Destin-30A-Fort Walton Beach-South Walton Condominium Homes

Real Estate Investments, Destin-30A-Fort Walton Beach-South Walton Florida

Homeowner Association Issues

Membership in the condominium Homeowner Association (HOA) is mandatory for condominium owners; members of a HOA own an undivided interest in the common property, including any liabilities. A poorly managed community can expose HOA members to significant financial liability...

Physical Condition of the Property

While a typical Home Inspection will usually suffice in determining the physical condition of the individual unit, a new condo owner should also be concerned with the current condition of the common property, since they will own an undivided interest in these components - including any liabilities (see HOA above)...

Advocate or Salesperson?

"Caveat Emptor" - Let the Buyer Beware."
Both Florida and Alabama are caveat emptor states, and while a seller is obligated to disclose any "known" adverse conditions, there is no requirement to disclose adverse conditions that may not be know to the seller, or their agent. When investing in real estate, the last thing you need is to be "sold" on a deal by a salesperson that is more concerned with a commission check than protecting your best interest - always insist on...

"Two Agents Are Better Than One"

Investing in real estate, especially resort property, can get complicated - it's almost impossible for one person to keep up with the constant changes in the marketplace, and provide adequate service to their clients. Real Estate agents generally have more than one client, working with real estate agents that partner together...

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Fort Walton Beach is a fishing and beach destination with a subtropical climate, that has become popular year-round - the busiest time of the year is the summer, with spring break being another period when thousands of people flock to these shores.

In Destin-30A Florida, the Heart of the Emerald Coast, you can choose between exclusive resort homes to laid-back beach get-a-ways, this coastal city with a humble beginning as a small fishing village, it is now an immensely popular tourist destination.

Buying a Condominium Home, Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate

  Fort Walton Beach-30A-Destin-South Walton